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2020 - 2021 :  Santa Clara County Calero Lake  Kiosk 

                       2019:  Single Family Bedroom & Bath Addition - San Jose, CA


                                                    2020 :  Single Family Residence :                                                                                Kitchen & Laundry Addition & Roof Retrofit                                      Saratoga, CA. - Santa Clara County    

                                  Commercial Tenant Improvement                                                                                       Auto Repair Shop - Change of Use                                                                                                   San Francisco, CA



                      Single family residence 3 bedroom addition -  San Jose, CA




                                 Single family residence kitchen remodel and new garage                                                                         San Jose, CA - Santa Clara County






                                   Organic Choice Restaurant - Oakland, CA






                               Mixed-use residential exterior improvements                                                                                     San Francisco, CA


                             Single family residence guest house addition                                                                                            Cupertino, CA



                                                      Single family residence living room addition                                                                                           San Jose, CA





                                             Single family residence bedroom & bath addition                                                                                      Sunnyvale, CA 





Recycling Warehouse & Auto Repair Tenant Improvement, San Jose, CA;  
Change of use for commercial warehouse, ADA accessibility requirements, 
building and fire code analysis and compliance.   
Hotworks welding & high-pile storage related permits.

Single Family Residence, Cupertino, CA
New detached guest house for single family residence.
As-built plans, site plan, building department plan check submittal

Goose Looney's Bar & Grill, Milpitas, CA
New kitchen equipment installation & plumbing.
health department plan check submittal
Permit issued 2010. 

Organic Choice Restaurant, Oakland, CA
New kitchen, dining area & exterior patio, 
heath department & building department plan check submittals.
Permit issued 2010.

Importrix Autosports, San Francisco, CA
Change of use, New lifts, office, storage room and mezzanine.
Permit issued April 2011.

Commercial/multi-family residential mixed use on Cesar Chavez Blvd. in San Francisco, CA
Legalization of built/existing conditions
Permit issued May 2011.

Single family residence kitchen remodel and new garage on Lyndale Ave in San Jose, CA.
Permit issued May 2011.

Legalization of built/existing single family residence living room addition on 
Foxworthy Avenue in San Jose, CA. 
Permit issued January 2012.

Single family residence 3 bedroom addition on St. John St. in downtown San Jose, CA. 
Permit issued August 2011.

Single family residence schematic design on Kincade Road in Santa Clara County, CA.

Single family residence bedroom & bath addition on Borregas Ave. in Sunnyvale, CA.
January 2012

Projects listed and shown above are done so under the guidance and authority of a licensed architect or engineer where required by law.


664 Design . Building . Interiors . Landscape


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